Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3 Months Old Today!

I can't believe our little girl is already 3 months old. She has changed sooo much over the past month. She is smiling and laughing all the time now. She actually laughed out loud about a week ago and Chad and I were both there to hear it. It was the best sound I have ever heard! Everyday Jack Meredith is getting closer and closer to rolling over. Every little thing she does is so exciting to me. She is fascinated by her toes. She loves to watch them move. It is just too cute!

I went back to work last week, but not on my regular shift. I am in blood bank for 4 weeks on day shift from 6-2:30. I hate getting up every morning at 4:30! It is hard on me and Chad. It's not for that long.....so, I am trying to be optimistic. I miss being at home with her more than I thought I would. We were finally getting a schedule down and then poof, it has all changed. Jack Meredith is sleeping through the night now. She falls asleep anywhere from 9-9:30 and sleeps until around 6 or 7 in the morning. We are soooo lucky and we pray this continues :)

Thats all for now because I need to get my butt in bed! Jill :)

Hope you like the 3 month photos of the little skittle

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