Sunday, November 30, 2008

All I Want for Thanksgiving is My Two Front Teeth...

The day finally came!!! Jack Meredith cut her first tooth on Thanksgiving morning and a second one before noon. She was on a role that day! After 3 long LONG months of waiting the day finally arrived and I could not have been more excited. She almost has a third one that is trying to come in, but her two bottom teeth came right on through. It is so funny to watch her rub her little tongue over them. I guess she is thinking "Huh, so these are those little gremlins that have been causing me so much pain!" She is still teething away though.

Friday afternoon was her cousin Maci's 5th birthday party at GiGi's. She loves being around younger kids. That night we had Christmas with the Greens at GiGi's too. Chad's Mom and Dad are really good friends with Curt and Diane Green and both of their families try to get togther sometime during the holiday season. It is always a lot of fun. I was really excited to see Whitney and Stefan. Whitney is expecting in a litte over four weeks I believe. She is all belly and just looked super cute! She made me miss my prego belly. And the soon to be married couple, Meg and Clay, were there too. We all exchanged ornaments. I love ornaments! Jack Meredith loaded up with lots of cute ornaments and goodies. She was soooo tired by the time dinner and present time rolled around that she fussed from about 8 until we left. She would have taken a nap, but it was just too noise.

Saturday I got up early expecting to go to Longview to look at the Sequoia that I really wanted. Well, we got a call from Chad's uncle at the dealership that morning informing us that it was sold the night before. I was sooo sad! Oh well....Chad's uncle said that the Toyota dealership there would be going to a Toyota auction soon and they would probably be able to find the Sequoia that I want. I am sooo ready! Later that day GiGi kept Jack Meredith for us for a few hours while Chad and I went to lunch together and finished hanging some things at the house that we have been meaning to put up for months. It is nice to finally have some decor on the walls! That night we watched the OU/OSU game......Woo Hoo! OU is in the Big XII Championship!

Oh, I got the microbiology position for dayshift and will start in February. I am soooo ready and excited!

Sunday we took family Christmas pictures at our house. It was hard to get a pic where everyone looked happy and was actually looking at the camera. I think it turned out super cute! So here are a few pics from that fun little photo session. Enjoy!

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