Monday, November 10, 2008

Jack Meredith October and November

It has been over a month now! So sorry! We have been sooo busy this past month. Especially since I switched to 2nd shift. I just thought that it was going to better on this shift. HA! The hours are just not made for me and my family. Our day begins early, early of course, and sometimes we are not in bed until 12 or 1 at night. In the mornings I have Jack Meredith until about 1:15 when I drop her of at my Mom's house and then Chad picks her up anywhere from 6-9 at night. It is just not working! Luckily enough, a dayshift spot came open in microbiology, which is my fav. So, I immediately applied for it. Now it is just a waiting game to see if I get it. Here are some pics of this past weekend hanging around the house.

She loves to lick the cup during bath time
Just hanging in her crib

Such a sweetie!


Happy Baby

Not quite sure if I want to go for a stroll Mommy

Okay, yes I do!

Halloween has come and gone now. I have some great pics of Jack Meredith as a wiggle worm. She was too cute and that costume fit her perfectly because she is a true little wiggle worm. We just went to our families houses to trick-or-treat this year.

Wiggle worm

How cute am I?

GiGi and Jack Meredith

Jack Meredith and "Ain't" Nancy

Jack Meredith wasn't feeling that great because earlier that morning she had her 4 month check up at Dr. Busceme's office. Jack Meredith is doing excellent and she is hitting all of her milestone's right on time or before even. She now weighs 14 lbs and 10 oz. and she is 24 inches long. Infants usually double their weight at 4 months from their birth weight and she did that exactly. She also had to get 2 shots that day. So, I was prepared with bottle. She was just as happy as could be with her bottle, but the second that needle hit the skin she just spit that bottle right out. This was nothing like her shots at 2 months which really didn't bother her that much. This time she let me know how bad it hurt and she didn't calm down for a good fifteen minutes after that either. Poor baby! She got 2 tricks before any treats on her first Halloween.

Mommy's little pumpkin
Pics at the doctors office Mom?!?!?


Jack Meredith is eating a few solid foods every so often. Her first try was rice cereal with apples. SHE LOVED IT! She is such a good eater. I actually tried it to and it wasn't bad at all. It tasted just like applesauce. I hear she also likes sugar free chocolate ice cream bars. Her Mam Maw likes to sneak those in sometimes :)

Mmmmm....Sweet Potatoes
Rice cereal with apples

Daddy gives her treats

Pumpkin nose

We have been so busy since I went back to second shift that we never have time for anything during the week. I am sooo tired when I get home at night that all I want to do is shower and hit the bed. Chad and I miss seeing each other in the evenings. Hopefully everything will work out and I will get the other position. Otherwise, I will be hiring a maid or looking for something else soon.

Well, I have spent enough time on this. It's now time to cuddle up in bed. Here are a few more random pics. Enjoy!!! :)

MMMMM....Ba Ba

Hanging out with Daddy with chocolate on his face :)


Daddy was playing with her hair during bath time



Her hair is getting soooo long

Sound asleep on Mommy and Daddy's bed

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